About Us

To know Christ and to make Christ known


Prayerfully, we aim to cultivate a strong sense of community, personal spirituality and responsibility among all who share in our church family.
We want to help all to study and reflect on the Bible to understand God’s truth, the basis of their faith and God’s guidance for our daily lives.
We seek to nourish an Anglican expression of worship, where Christ is revealed and is confidently and truthfully proclaimed through worship, teaching, preaching and imaginative appeal to the beauty of holiness. We strive to foster a sense of each person being created in the image of God – body, mind and spirit.
For all these reasons, we also need to be strong in our sense of mission in the wider community, by living out Christ’s values and witnessing to God as we worship and serve Him.


Statement on core values

Our Core Values are:

  • Prayer focused
  • Mission focused
  • Bible based
  • Worship centred
  • Fellowship
  • Discipling

We are a community which believes in:

  • accessing the power of God in all things, through prayer
  • reaching out with the love of Jesus by meeting people’s physical and spiritual needs
  • the authority of the Word of God as expressed in the Bible, as the basis for our faith
  • worshipping God in unit of Spirit
  • demonstrating the love of Christ through our care, concern and nurture of each other
  • building up and encouraging the members’ spiritual gifts and talents for effective ministry
Purpose Statement Why are we here?
Together, we worship the living God and make Christ known, through the power of the Holy Spirit
(To know Christ and to make Christ known)
Vision Statement What will we be like in 5 years’ time?
A vibrant and diverse Christ-centred family committed to bringing the message of hope to the community
Rev Liz Rankin
Reverend Jill Poole